We would like to wholeheartedly thank all of you for the support you have shown us and the victims. Some of us have been victims ourselves and know exactly how it feels to have our voices shot down.

So we made this list, to give a platform to victim voices, to make other women aware of the predators that roam around amidst us. This was not meant to defame anyone, we wanted to make sure that people who occupy powerful structures do not abuse their power. Since then, over three hundred thousand of you have read this and many of you have written to us; we feel we have been successful. The purpose of the list has been served.

As of now, we are taking the list down. We hope this does not discourage victims from coming out with their narratives. We hope more and more people who have been through the same take the stage and share their stories.

You can write to us still.

You can always reach out to us. Thank you. We’re here and listening.